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Paid Search

Kansas City Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search (or Pay-Per-Click) advertising is exactly what its name entails. The beauty of the platform is that a campaign can strictly target certain users based on their search queries. Bidding can also be aggressive, or pulled back, depending on demographics and geographic locations. This helps weed out inflated costs of marketing - you can show ads only to those users that search for keywords relating to what your business, product or service provides.

All major search engines display sponsored links along with their organic results. The ad order shown is based on several factors: the advertiser’s maximum bid for every click, the relevance of the ad copy and landing page to the keyword searched, and the actual click-thru rate of users viewing the ad. Various campaign options are also available for paid search ads including content targeting, geo-targeting, budget optimization, and ad copy testing.

Optimization and budget decisions is based on the data. We will never suggest a budget, or raising a budget, if it does not make fiscal sense for your company.

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  • With 16+ years of managing paid search, Plaza Digital has been running paid search campaigns since the day Google started AdWords.
  • We’ve helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for clients in many different industries. Plaza Digital offers top of the line service with quick turnaround and experienced staff.

  • Plaza Digital is a certified Google Premier Partner for their continued demonstration of comprehensive understanding of Google’s AdWords features, functionality and services.