Web Positioning Overview

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Web Positioning Overview

If you have a website, then the next step is to get people to go there. To date, a strategy combining web positioning and search engine optimization is the most cost effective method of achieving that goal. A well planned strategy can deliver highly targeted visitors to your website.

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Why is position important?

Search engine traffic is the #1 referrer of new online customers. In fact, 55% percent of all internet purchases start with a customer clicking on a search listing. Only 9% of customers start by clicking a banner ad.

The top ten search engines/directories account for over 95% of traffic from search listings. If your site is not ranked at least in the Top 30 for relevant search terms, your site will probably not be found.
(50% of the traffic goes to the first 10 matches)
(85% of the traffic goes to the first 30 matches)

We increase your traffic by getting listings that will appear in the Top Search Results on the major search engines and directories including

  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Lycos
  • Excite
  • About
  • Google
  • ODP
  • Looksmart

Targeted search engine traffic is usually cheaper than all other forms of advertising based on cost per new customer.

The most effective step you can take to increase traffic is to get listed correctly in the major directories and increase your search engine rankings using optimized pages and Pay-Per-Click providers.

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